Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poem from Daily Crossword 5/26/09

Li Po, Tu Fu, the house of Usher
all those chimneys in their pots
as chins are cleft so treble clefs
will tremble violins, so we stove
the wall sides in. Osage oh Ohio
so all we had to do was Live?
Oh much that would have eased
to know when chaps were worn
and we cast in pantaloons amid
the rumpus and fear our ear
to track as others learning tap
trapped as we escaped by thread
a needle in a camel's eye, a plan
to set for tea or stoop for raid
and all you say to me is "I see."
Never hunt or fish, are urban,
never tendre croppes but items
on a shopping list, cars idle
so do we who peer down alleys
through corn rows to our van.


An auspicious day for Quinn to emerge. I was born on the 26th, Shawna was born on the 26th. It's the 26th.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Out my window, dogwood leans
towards rampant kiwi as I wade
into another May day. No pony
for me, one trick or no. No aria
that I can hear. No one will punt
for my points, point perfect toe
and pirhouette prettily. No pest
either or rampant turkeys
on the lawn we do not have. Ten
blinks of an eye. Another mocha.
Your life on Oprah. Hired, fired,
we're hard-wired tired. Oh tenor
Dyer Bennet when all is dire err
and nobody will notice. We span
eras in our careening bobsled.
Go back to bed. What's snapped
has sped. Deny them exit polling
Let's go bowling, eat limes to rind
no one left behind, the doors ajar.
Did I say that was a Daily Crossword poem (5/19/09)

And today at school we'll poem like ancient Greeks. Eek.
That is to say I'll rip up poems and have them make like experts, like antropological, archeological poetry experts recreating what's been lost like people, maybe poets, did for Sappho. So many ways this will be fun and not so educational but somewhat educational but hitting that other side of the brain, whichever it is, that is the creative, random side. I always forget because, well, you can guess. I'll ask the fifth and sixth graders what the 9 muses were for. That's always fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I googled "You are Here image" and got BOOKSHELVES!
I like them though I don't know how, except with rocket skates or suspensors, you get TO the books in the upper left photo.

After long absence, I return to this page, the time between a blurrrrrr of what the heck WAS I doing - putting together books and readings (one my own - at Hugo House with other WITS writers. I sent out no publicity. I am already sitting in a corner,) teaching at two schools, finishing work for two others. It's May, tra la, and while I have woodruff flowering in my garden, I have not gone a-Maying.

Here is a poem draft using the May 13 Daily Crossword. Ahem.

Be glad she'll have a girl, just think of Herod
NSync, Anvil, Woodstock, any band,
or any man with all their plans to blot
a blotch upon the sea or map. Let's evade
GI Joes and wonder if that skirt is boxy
do you want red velvet or the lemon?


Here's your chance, one out of ten
so let's begin your easy tosses
hit the running light on this vessel
or miss and we'll whistle and snort.


Children gather 'round I'm gonna talk like Plato.
You know the joke. The notebooks all say "PlayDoh".

From out of where came this Miss Manners-
we do not like her make her leave.

Seventh graders wrote like Emily Dickinson yesterday.

Poem 3,462

To make a Poem
you Need a pencil and a Paper
and an - eraser
an Eraser alone - will Do
if paper is few.

-7th Grade Boy


The 4th, 5th and 6th graders
write odes to their drawings of Grecian Urns
and I say
More rainy May
more rainy, rainy May.