Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I have not died or produced coffee ground looking puke so the Aleve tm overdose crisis is behind us. Today's topic: should I go to the osteopathic physician whose office is behind the Quizno's which is located across the street from the Erotic Bakery? Sit with that a sec.

Having never been to an O.P. (or maybe it's O.D., which'd link thematically,) I am leary of the two hours the OP promises to meet with me. I want the irritated nerve or plastic insert issue to resolve and fast. I think what I need to do is make an appointment with an orthopedic person who can x ray the hip and see if there are broken off bits of plastic socket liner. Probably I should do both. Pursue both courses and see. Possibly. The O.P. doesn't take insurance, but is she covered by insurance? Can't I submit a form and see? Yes. Insurance crap makes my eyes have major major astigmatism. Also my brain.

Yesterday was an emotional fiesta of fun as my daughter and I confronted our miscommunications regarding going on a trip together, she waiting for me to discuss money, me waiting for her to tell me if she wanted to go. Then my husband and I confronted our miscommunications regarding money.

Emotions irritate my nerves.


Radish King said...

Did that gator come up in yr toilet yesterday? It would not surprise me one bit what with the rain and all and also it would make things tense at home.

Pippi L. said...

Especially when the gator up the toilet rassles the elephant in the living room. xo, L

Radish King said...

I have a great orthopedic surgeon by the way. Let me know if you want his name. He's covered by my insurance and maybe yours. He's in Edmonds.

Radish King said...

Though the idea of buying some poetry then having a quiznos sandwich then having a small, testical shaped cake then spending 2 hours at a fake doctor does intrigue.